Momentum Wrap – Beer On the All-Time High List

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New Highs

8 All-Time Highs among stocks that gained 1% or more today: SAM INFI RKUS CVS BERY SRC TU RSE

20 Stocks reached new 52-week highs while gaining 1% or more. Some of the notable movers include:

  • $SAM is back on the all-time high list after its management said it expects people to drink a lot more of their beer in 2013
  • Biotech stocks still live in their own world and stage breakouts here and there: $SNTS $INFI
  • IPO base breakout $BERY – those have been working beautifully lately with $RKUS, $MPLX being some recent examples
  • Airline stocks keep gaining ground: $CPA

StockTwits 50 Notables

  • A lot of momo stocks are giving back gains and testing recent breakouts. 7 stocks declined 2% or more: $AZPN $TASR $XXIA $ASGN $INXN
  • $FNGN made another 52-week high
  • $LULU attempted to follow through on yesterday’s breakout, but encountered some resistance near  $75 as the general market weakness kept it down

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