High-Ticket Stocks Outperform

on February 7 | in Daily Update | by

High-ticket stocks continue to climb relentlessly as they are the fastest way to gain market exposure for institutions that missed the rally in January.

$IBM fits the profile of the high-ticket stock. It is not part of the St50, but it is close to a breakout point.

$AAPL is quietly making new all-time highs on a daily basis and best of all no one talks about.

$IACI is consolidating after a monstrous volume, earnings related breakout to all-time highs and it is one to watch if it manages to clear $46 again.

Oil stocks have been on fire lately with new names making new multi-year high on a daily basis. $EXXI yesterday, $CXO and $AREX today. $FTI could be the next one, if it manages to clear $55.

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